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How to make 5 easy Halloween shirts with your Cricut 

How to make 5 easy Halloween shirts with your Cricut

When we talk about Halloween, we’re no longer talking about ghosts that are said to be wandering around, but more excited about the costumes they want to wear when they come to the Halloween party, right? People are competing to show off their Halloween costumes.

But with being busy here and there, there’s almost no time to think about what Halloween costume to wear, let alone buy it at a high enough price. Don’t be sad, I have 5 Halloween costume ideas that can be used as inspiration.

Little Joker

This one character is phenomenal and scary, very fitting to be used as a Halloween costume. Your little one can wear a purple or green shirt or suit. Color her hair with a special green children’s hair dye. Make-up in the form of white powder and red lipstick is also needed for this look. To be more leverage, also wear black eye shadow around the eyes.

Harley Quinn

The joker pair is also no less spooky, and very eye-catching. Your little one can wear red or blue shorts or a tutu, combined with a white baseball shirt with red or blue accents. Add socks and sneakers, and don’t forget Harley Quinn’s signature baseball bat. And the last one is the hair tied in two plus a small tattoo in the heart-shaped cheekbone area.

Edward Scissorhands

This character is very unique, yes, Mams, although his character is kind, his scissor-shaped hands and pale face make people afraid to see him. Edward’s costumes are very attractive and relatively easy to obtain. Combine a white shirt plus black pants and suspenders, then add a little pale make-up and put a little gel on your little one’s hair. It takes a little effort to make the hands, but it’s not that difficult, Moms, and you can use safe materials such as folding paper. And now there are lots of tutorials on making Edward Scissorhands on the Youtube channel.


This one doll is indeed very scary, but very interesting to be used as a Halloween costume. Wear a white long-sleeved dress, accented with a large red ribbon at the waist. Braid your little one’s hair in half, then add make-up around the eyes to add a spooky impression.

Chucky Halloween Movie Horror

Even though he is male, Chucky’s costume can also be used by girls. Wear denim overalls and a striped t-shirt as an undershirt. What plays a big role in this costume is the makeup, which is like a scar on Chucky’s face. Use lip liner to create the accent.

Thus a review of How to make 5 easy Halloween shirts with your Cricut may be useful.

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